To build anything


You’ll need a building permit


Professional Permit Expediting Service, Inc. has 30 years of extensive firsthand expertise in filing all necessary building permits. Our rapport with each government agency is exceptionally high and with our NEW PERMIT PORTAL, all team members have constant access to the entire permitting process, any time of the day or night.

Digital Expediting Service, or DES will streamline the permitting process and provide a high level of access to all team members.


PPESI files for and expedites commercial building permits through city, county and state agencies.


Some jurisdictions in Maryland and Virginia have or plan to mandate ePlan submissions, some accept digital and paper while some accept only paper. As each state goes online and creates different paths, PPESI learns each version of ePlan for a seamless transition from paper to digital.


Walk through permitting is still available in Maryland and Delaware, though the parameters have been tightened.


Digital or paper, PPESI will guide you through the process quickly and efficiently.


Currently, PPESI covers all of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Southern Pennsylvania